The Company :

Formed in 2014, we are authorized sales agents for U.P. Handicrafts Development and Marketing Corporation Ltd. Together we wish to showcase to the world the best of handmade products that are "Made in India". We are based in Kanpur and work with handpicked craftsmen from all over Uttar Pradesh.  

Vision :

"To ensure that the artworks of India, which are an integral part of its rich cultural heritage, find their rightful place in the consumer market and provide means of livelihood to their creators so that these art forms can be of interest for generations to come and remain part of our lives."

Mission :

"To innovate and develop the handicrafts of India in a manner that they become competitive with machine manufactured goods in terms of quality, time and cost. To promote them in the global market so that they can reach every corner of the world."

The Owner :

Devpriya Nigam

A marketing professional who has worked with education institues and has an MBA in International Business and Marketing. She has worked closely with groups working for the education of under privelaged children and strives to use her knowledge and experience to bring about a change in the lives of all those people who are trying to use their ancestral skills and knowledge to earn a living by making handicraft products. She wishes to build an international platform for such families so that they keep pursuing these arts in such a manner that it is not only a source of income but a matter of pride for them.